P R I N T S / C A N V A S / B O X ‘ S

Image of P R I N T S  /  C A N V A S  /  B O X ‘ S

Hand painted / drawn designs by soulseven7.
Feather, cheap date print And Palm Deco boxes. These Detailed box’s perfect for a special occasion a gift or the home.
Black with gold detail. Cheap date printed on lid and either side of the box. Palm deco has palms on each side.
SUN is a hand drawn black and white intricate design available on our Large wooden boxes, A3 and A1 print, Canvas and tshirt.

Here you can pre order before release date enabling you to beat the queues. Once ordered you will receive your item within 10 days if not sooner, you will be notified through email once your item has been shipped


⚫️Cheap date box
6.5cm depth
9cm x 9cm

⚫️Large wooden Box
CHIEF / Palm deco / Feather / Sun

Depth 4”
Length 9.7”
Width 7.7”

⚫️Sun Print

⚫️Black / white canvas
With silver details
30cm x 22.5cm